About Us


Serving the illawarra and the South coast Area


Locally owned and operated company with local cleaners

Given back to the local community


Our Vision

Slash Cleaning Solutions treats each client as an individual as each client needs are different. We take the time to sit down with each client and work though their needs and tailor a package to suit each individual. To provide a higher level of service than our competitors and diversify the cleaning business by becoming the most valued company in our industry. By achieving our vision, we know that the result will be:

• Improved quality, dependability and affordability

• Increased customer satisfaction and high retention rates

• Superior references and referrals

• Enhanced opportunities for our employees

• A highly trusted and respected partner that every client wants in their building

Our Mission

“It is our mission to provide our customers with quality and efficient cleaning solutions to their facility; small or large. We strive daily to support, coach and encourage our cleaners to achieve a safe, clean and positive working environment.”


Our Core Values

  1. Customer First. We view our company through our customer’s eyes. We realize that this means that we have to constantly try to find solutions to improve the quality of service so that we exceed our customer’s expectations.

  2. Communication. communication is such an important asspect of any business , having consistant communication between director, staff, mangers and clients

  3. Training. Regular monthly training of staff on site and off site, ensuring the best possiable result is delivered

  4. Personal Accountability for Excellence. At Splash we understand that trust is earned. When we make a promise, we keep that promise. We set our standards high with regard to performance.

  5. Integrity. We always want to act ethically, honestly and fairly in all situations -   Whether we are at work or in the community.